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Let’s Play Games and Toys

Board Game Rentals

Our board game rental program allows you to try before you buy and if you decide to buy within 60 days, your rental fee will be discounted from the rented game’s purchase price.

Registered Member of GAMA

Being a registered member of GAMA allows us to attend trade shows, get info on industry happenings, and access to education, insight, and information from industry leaders.


We have a library of 300+ board games, role-playing games, and a small selection of Warhammer 40K miniatures that we allow free in-store play of and our seasoned game professionals can teach anyone or group of people to play.

Play Area

Our play area is large, inviting, smells great, and allows for all types of gaming including board games, card games, chess, role-playing games, and miniatures gaming.  We allow table reservations and offer open gaming during any time we don’t have a large event going on.

Community Support

We support our community through donations and events.  We host free events such as all-night New Years’ Eve parties and International Table Top Day and support local causes dear to our hearts such as Electric City Roller Girlz, Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous, Malmstrom AFB, Project Graduation, and the Downtown Great Falls Association.


 We are extremely knowledgeable about our products and can make recommendations on rentals and purchases that will satisfy our customers’ needs and keep them coming back for more.

Rewards Program

We offer a rewards program where players can earn points through referrals, social media activity, spending, birthdays, and joining through the Perkville website!

Who are we?

Let’s Play Games and Toys located at 514 Central Avenue is Great Falls’ premiere Friendly Local Game Store. We strive to create a gaming experience that’s fun for everyone and makes all gamers feel welcome. Warhammer, Magic The Gathering, whatever you play there is a place for it here.