Minimum layaway amount is $25.

Initial deposit minimum is 25% of total layaway amount.

Balance is due in full within 90 days.

You can make as many or as few payments as you desire in the 90 day period.

If not paid within 90 days, payments to Downtown Dice & Games are voided, merchandise is returned to stock, and all payments are non-refundable.

Initial deposit and all payments are refunded as store credit unless proof of tender is provided and all payments are the same tender type.


Product in undamaged, sell-able condition can be returned for a full refund within 15 days.
• Proof of purchase either in the form of a receipt or personal sales history must be provided.
• Refund will be based on the original form of payment.

Product in undamaged, sell-able condition can be returned for store credit in the amount of purchase within 30 days.
• This includes items returned after the 15 day period or items that proof of purchase cannot be provided for.

Clearance or discount items are not eligible for returns.

If upon opening the packaging, it is discovered that the item is damaged or missing components, please bring all materials back to store. We will help you procure components from the publisher.

Sell-able condition means that original packaging has not been disturbed in any way and the item can be re-sold to another customer as brand new. Certain products such as sealed Magic: the Gathering product will subject to verification of authenticity.


Rental Fee is 10% of the purchase price of the game.
Rentals are due back 1 hour before closing the following day. Unless rented on Saturday, then game is due back 1 hour before closing on Monday.
If rented title is purchased within 60 days of renting, you will receive your rental fee discounted off the purchase of the game.
Late fees will be owed for each additional day the game is not retuned. After 10 days, you will be charged for the game in full.
If you accrue late fees, you will be unable to rent additional games until current fees are paid.
You will be charged a loss fee equal to the price of the game minus your rental fee if the game is returned in damaged condition or missing pieces vital to game play. You will become the owner of the damaged rental and Let’s Play Games and Toys will use the loss fee to purchase a new rental copy so that other customers can continue to enjoy the game.
We do not get rental copies provided to us for free from the publishers. As such, we ask that you treat our games with the same respect you would treat your own property with.
Please see rental contract for additional rental policy information.

Special Orders

Special orders require a minimum deposit of 25%.

Item(s) must be paid in full within 30 days. If not, deposit will be forfeited and ordered items will be put to stock.

You must provide us a phone number or email address at which to contact you once your order has arrived.

If you want your item by Friday, we must have your order request by noon the Monday before. We make all of our orders on Mondays.